HVAC Experts into Refrigeration Experts Chill SDWhen students come out of tech school, they are prepared to enter the HVAC industry and round their knowledge out with experience and new skills. While a new graduate may not consider refrigeration as a career opportunity because it isn’t HVAC, it’s important to understand they’re not foreign concepts from one another!

The definition of refrigeration is moving heat from a place where it is unwanted to a place where it either makes no difference or it is wanted. On that principle we can decide whether we want something to be 72° or -20°. We do that in large part by choosing a refrigerant that will best move heat at the temperature we want to attain. In the HVAC world, you will basically encounter two types of refrigerants – R-22 and R-410a. In the low-temp world of refrigeration, we may encounter half a dozen or more refrigerants; and in some systems the charge is so critical we measure in grams rather than pounds or ounces.

At Chill, we recruit new graduates from tech schools because they have learned the principles and theories needed to build their refrigeration knowledge upon. For example, a theory taught while going to school for HVAC may still apply to the way ice cream makers work. We’ve sent team members to an ice cream machine school in Chicago, IL, to learn how to apply those theories and turn them into real-world valuable skills. When ice cream machines can be priced over $20,000, our customers depend on those skills to ensure the investment they made into this machine pays off.

In addition to ice cream machine school, we also sent our team to attend an ultra-low temp school in North Carolina. Ultra-low temp machines are used primarily by those in the medical industry who need to keep blood samples or vaccines at -80* to -100*. Those special refrigerators can be full of samples with a worth well into the tens of thousands of dollars, and one mishap can lead to an expensive disaster.

Our dedication to ongoing education for our team members is one of the many benefits of working for our company. We can help you take your HVAC education and training and build upon it, so you become an expert in low-temp refrigeration, too. When customers depend on you, you must get it right – and we can help get you there.